Acme Fuel Live Chat

Setup, Operation & Support


Add online Live Chat functionality to the business to help customer service.

1 June 2021


To develop and test this we have made a copy of the website and integrated it with a tool called “ZenDesk Live Chat”.  Find this test site (called a staging site) at;

This site is password protected so the public doesn’t see it.  Access the test site with;

User: acmefuel
Pass: u|n41@%o6c3~


  • When you first view the test site, no agents will be logged into LiveChat, so the button in the bottom left says “Help” and allows you to send an email message.
  • When you are logged in this will say “Chat” if minimized or “How can we help?”, inviting people to chat with you.




Assigned Roles

  • Allison – Admin
  • Chris – Admin
  • Katie – Agent
  • Kellie – Agent

Admins control settings, permissions etc. Agents actually chat with visitors



  • Agents will have received an email “Welcome to ZenDesk”, click the link to accept the invitation.
  • If asked to allow notifications, say yes.  Then when someone starts a chat you will get a popup on your screen and a chime noise.
  • In future, after you have accepted the invitation, you will need to just go to to login.



  • Login at
  • Switch your status to “Online”


  • The button in the bottom right of all the web pages should change from “Help” to “Chat” or a “How can we help?” box.

  • When you look at your Agent page you will see a green button asking if you want to “Accept” this chat.  If there are two or more agents available, then you can choose to take this chat or not.
  • When you “Accept” the chat you see a page like the one below.  Type into the Chat box to reply.  There are a lot of other features available, feel free to explore and use the very good “Help” tools and tutorials.



  • Please try role playing agents and customers to become familiar with the system over the next week.
  • I’ll arrange to come in to the office w/c 14th June and get your feedback and answer questions.
  • If ok, we can aim to go live in first week of July



  • Fastest is probably to either Google the question, or check the online Help in LiveChat
  • After that, contact me:
  • There are also a number of video tutorials online that cover the whole system in depth.  This one below is 20 minutes, covers a lot more than you need to know to just answer chats, but has a lot of good tips & tricks.