Berschauer Group – MS365 Email Migration

Update May 16 2023

Reminder, if you’re email is not working, check that you are now using a Mail Exchange account.

  1. Open MS365 Outlook
  2. Click File
  3. Under Account you might see your already there and “Microsoft Exchange” underneath (see screenshot below).
      • If this is true, then you don’t need to do anything more. This account should now be working.
      • If not*, then you will need to add your account. If you need help, Follow these instructions.

(* If the account listed says POP/IMAP underneath, then you may need to remove this account first, then re-add your account.  Then it will update and say “Mail Exchange”. Your old emails will be available in a second archive account listed shown in the Outlook Folder Pane)

On phones, make sure you have the latest Outlook App from Google Play or Apple Store, then add your Outlook Account with the address and password. You can also install the MS365 App on your phones with the same email/pw to access your work account and cloud files.

Questions; or text 360.529.2666


Update Sat May 13 2023

The email switch was successfully initiated this morning. Testing shows that email is working as expected on MS365 Outlook accounts.

Points to note;

  • You should now only Send and Receive your email through MS365 Outlook on your computer and phone.
  • Outlook should have all your recent mail (i.e. anything that was left on the server, we copied to your new account yesterday)
  • Your old webmail ( is still accessible but won’t receive new mail. Access to this will be shut down next month.
  • Any old IMAP/POP accounts on your computer or phone will have old mail, but again won’t now receive new mail.
  • MS365 Apps including Calendar, Teams, Contacts, OneDrive should now be fully integrated with your Outlook
  • Outlook help & tutorials;

Questions, concerns; or text 360.529.2666

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View Microsoft Outlook email signature setup instructions.

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