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Development Brief - Regions Project

Please be sure to work on “staging7.lexarhomes.com” ONLY


Project lead: chris.hill@southsounddigital.com



This is a development site.  See login details at bottom of page for access to protected urls.


We have been asked to take over work on this website.  It’s based on WooCommerce, but some of the functionality was custom built.  We are looking for expertise to untangle some of the functionality and extend it.

Our immediate need is around the “Select a State” function.  Customers may be looking to build in certain regions. Different regions have different house plans available.

At the moment, when a customer first visits the site a lightbox is fired inviting them to choose and set a region.  The lightbox displays a US States map, then sub-regions map which the customer clicks to set.

While looking at house plans a customer may also choose to change the region they are looking at (screenshot).



Note that once you select your region, that region displays the pages E.g. “Showing results for Northwest Oregon”


Prices & timescales for the following work:

  1. We want to be able to add more simple links that fire the “Select a State” function. We are open to suggestions on how to do this. But, for example, perhaps we use a shortcode format like [selectState]Click to select your region[/selectState] that would display a link that when you click fires the lightbox to enable the user to choose the region/state.
  2. We want a method to set a specific region on specific pages. We are open to suggestions on how to do this. But, for example, on /arizona, perhaps we use a hidden shortcode in WP Bakery RAW HTML like [selectState = “123”] or [selectState = “Arizona”] so that this page only shows house plans from this region.
  3. We need to understand how the “Select a State” lightbox function works.
    1. We need documentation on how to add new areas
    2. A cost for outsourcing this work to you when we need to add a new region with clickable maps.


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** Please be sure to work on “staging7.lexarhomes.com” ONLY **
Hostname: lexarhomes.com
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