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Current Website Production/Development Status

Current Lexar Website Development Status

19 August 2022

Content, prices & media (simple text, images, pdfs etc):

Simple, urgent, content changes can be made directly on live Lexar Production site.  All updates must then be duplicated on the current Staging site. Note that not duplicating changes onto the Staging site may mean your changes are lost when the staging site is next pushed live.

All other updates (non-urgent content, code, settings, plugins etc):

Non-urgent content changes can be made on the current staging site and tested, these will then go live at the next deployment.

Other updates, such as custom code, plugins, settings etc should never be made on the live Production site. Please contact us, about these kind of updates as they are potentially high risk/high impact and may conflict with other work in progress.

Typically these types of changes will first be made on the Staging site, tested and then pushed to Production at the next regular deployment.

Urgent updates & issues

Call or text Chris Hill 360.529.2666